About us

A little bit about our cottage industry...

We are a family run business consisting of three sisters Alison, Roo, Vicky and our brother Christopher. Together we work with a friendly team of people who produce and package our handmade tools.

As siblings we had all left home and gone our separate ways and were either bringing up our children or following a career path. We were lucky enough to inherit a sum of money each from a dear family friend, Donald Oakley, who had watched us grow up and looked upon us as his own family. This brought us all back together to form Ladbrooke 98 Ltd.

The synchronicity of the universe led us to Mike Ladbrooke who invented and produced a range of hand blocking tools, Mike was hoping to retire and was looking to sell his company, he was very fond of his customers and wanted to hand over his amazing Soil blocking tool business to a new generation with the same values.

Ladbrooke Engineering became Ladbrooke 98 Ltd in March 1998. Initially with Mikes support we grew steadily, and over the last three years we have proved to be… a growing success.

We would like to encourage you all to return to growing your own plants and vegetables.

So let us join together and help Mother Earth return to Eden.